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Combination Hot Water Cylinder - Fortic tank

Combination Hot Water Cylinders

Copper hot water cylinder with cold water compartment mounted on top.

Also known as Fortic Tank

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Combination Copper hot water cylinders - Direct and Indirect models

Indirect combination hot water cylinder showing boiler coil, optional immersion heater and cold water header compartment with float valve


As the name suggests, the combination cylinder (or tank) combines both hot and cold water cisterns in an integrated package.

Ideally suited where space is limited or where the installation of a remote header tank proves difficult.

Combination cylinders are available in direct (electric only, single immersion heater), indirect (heated by boiler and/or immersion heater) or single feed patterns.


Combination copper hot water cylinder

Cylinder illustrated: A Combination Indirect with immersion heater.

Cylinder has both boiler and electrical heat source.

Direct Combination models can be configured for use on Economy 7 electric supplies with twin immersion heaters (lower for off peak, upper for boost) an thicker insulation.

Water contained in this type of cylinder is what appears at your taps.

These are referred to as a 'gravity' and 'vented' cylinders because the cold water feed to them is supplied from the attached cold water cistern under gravity pressure (low pressure) and the cylinder remains open vented to atmosphere at all times.


INDIRECT COMBINATION hot water cylinder (cylinder with boiler coil)

also see Economy 7 Direct Combination cylinders

Height   Diameter Capacities (H/C)

From 1st April 2013

inc VAT

Combination INDIRECT domestic hot water cylinder (Fortic Tank)
900 x 450  85/20  
1050 x 450  115/20  
1200 x 450  115/40  
1300 x 450  130/40  
1400   450 145/40  
1500 x 450  160 x 40  
1800 x 450  210/40  
1500 x 500    
1800 x 500    

Please see below for extras and additions


DIRECT COMBINATION hot water cylinder (no boiler coil, immersion boss only)

also see Economy 7 Direct Combination cylinders

Height   Diameter Capacities (H/C)

1st April 2013

inc VAT

Combination DIRECT domestic hot water cylinder showing direct tappings (Fortic tank)
900 x 450  85/20  
1050 x 450  115/20  
1200 x 450  115/40  
1300 x 450  130/40  
1400   450 145/40  
1500 x 450  160 x 40  
1800 x 450  210/40  
1500 x 500    
1800 x 500    

Please see below for extras and additions

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Extras and additions (please add where appropriate to prices above) inc VAT
Immersion Heater  
Cylinder boss included. 3kW Incalloy Immersion heater additional extra 34.00 ea
Additional immersion heater bosses 18.00 ea
Standard foam insulation (approx 50mm) exceeding Part L heat loss Included
Upgrade insulation to 75mm thickness 75.00
Upgrade insulation to 100mm thickness 152.00
Cylinder connections  
Drain valve (drain cock) 7.50
Ball valve and overflow (supplied loose - not installed)


High recovery boiler coil (improves cylinder reheat time given sufficient input) 75.00
Power shower take-off 19.50
Secondary return 12.00
Compression fittings (instead of male or female threaded bosses) 12.00
For cylinder with gravity coil (for AGA, Rayburn, Woodburner etc) click here
Configuring the position of connections (please refer to guide) No additional cost
For other modifications please don't hesitate to ask  


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