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Gledhill Torrent ECO SP thermal store - sealed primary


Gledhill Torrent ECO SP thermal store

High performance open vented thermal store with a sealed primary circuit




This generation of Gledhill TORRENT has been superseded by


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Gledhill Open vented thermal store providing mains pressure hot water with a sealed heating system

The Gledhill Torrent ECO SP incorporates a boiler coil (input heat exchanger). This will facilitate the use of a sealed system boiler as it's primary energy source and the configuration of the thermal store with a pressurised primary heating and radiator circuit (Y or S Plan), or can be used as the preferred method of introducing heat to the store.

Optional configurations include additional direct tappings for input of a wood burner or solid fuel stove. Further tappings can be added if an open vented heat output is required for domestic heating.

The addition of optional tappings attracts a small additional charge.


Gledhill Torrent ECO SP (Seal primary - with boiler coil)

Utilising 'heat output' connections

Although in the Y or S Plan config' the central heating circuit is normally supplied directly from the boiler, an auxiliary heating circuit (heat output) can be connected from the store in which case the input from a solid fuel heat source, AGA or such like appliance will also contribute energy to the heating ouput circuit.

Gledhill Torrent ECO Technical Manual

Technical Manual

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The energy output achievable to the auxiliary heating circuit will be determined by the energy input to the store including that from the solid fuel appliance.


Electric backup

An immersion heater element is provided and it is normally envisaged this will be used as an emergency backup for hot water and to provide emergency heat for the auxiliary heating circuit.


However, if a 'renewable' energy source such as PV Solar, 'low carbon' or cheap rate electrical supply is available, this too can be used to add heat to the store.

Torrent ECO SP schematic diagram

Gledhill Torrent ECO SP Technical Specification







Price £ inc VAT 1091.64 1179.92 1268.22 1336.51 1803.05
Special Offer: Less £40 Limited time only 1051.64 1139.92 1228.22 1296.51 1763.05
Special Offer Less £40          
Unit height mm 1219 1449 1414 1654 1874
Unit diameter mm 535 535 585 585 636
DHW volume litres 140 170 210 250 350
Max hot water flow rate litres/min 35 35 35 35 35
Maximum Dwelling Type Bath 1 1 2 2 3
Shower room - 1 1 2 2
Bed 1 - 2 2 - 4 3 - 4 3 - 5 3 - 5

Cylinders are fully customisable - additional tappings may be added or unwanted tappings delete from order. Additions and options attract a small additional charge.

Additional tappings for solid fuel/AGA (gravity flow) heat input or an auxilliary heating output circuit - Please add £20.00 per pair (flow & return)

Secondary Return kit:  £POA


Optional feed & expansion tank (F&E)
Type 1 Standard F&E tank supplied with standard plastic float and valve £75.00 inc VAT
Metal High temperature copper header tanks are also available. Click here for details


Off-Peak Economy 7 Controller

HE7T Compatible Off-Peak Economy 7 programmer with timed boost function (Details) £115.75

Notes on F&E Tanks

All thermal stores require a Feed and Expansion tank (F&E) to facilitate thermal expansion, evaporation and system top-up. Existing tanks and other proprietary products may be suitable and therefore used. However, your strict attention is drawn to the suitability of any tank you plan to use in view of the temperature of water that could potentially reach it.

You should ensure the tank you intend to use can handle water at the temperatures associated with thermal stores, with special attention being paid to this issue if an uncontrollable heat source is connected (i.e. wood burning stove, AGA, Rayburn etc).

Horrific injury or death from scalding can result if an overflow scenario exists with a tank that distorts or sags when subjected to high temperature water.

Gledhill can supply two types of F&E tank as an optional extra for use with the Torrent ECO thermal store. The plastic type (Type 1) is suitable for use with 'controllable heat sources'. If 'uncontrollable heat sources' are to be connected then a metal 'high temperature' F&E tank must be used. Both are optional extras and must be ordered with the thermal store to avoid additional carriage charges.

Type 1 is suitable for use on a standard system where the heat source is regulated (e.g. gas or oil boiler controlled by thermostat).

Metal is suited for use with less controllable heat sources such as wood burning stoves or an AGA where heat from the source is unregulated.

*F&E tanks must be sized to take the water expansion of the whole system into account. (i.e. if additional system pipework connects directly to the cylinder the volume of the whole must be taken into account)



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