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Thermal Store - the safe way to produce mains pressure hot water

Thermal Store guide

Multiple heat sources into a vented cylinder for mains pressure hot water


All the advantages of mains pressure hot water, none of the disadvantages of unvented cylinders

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Thermal store - the safe way to produce mains pressure hot water

Mains pressure hot water is a luxury worth considering. Hot water at the same pressure as the cold water yields a number of advantages: balanced supplies of hot & cold water, no need for shower booster pumps, quicker fill time with a bath, the list goes on.

There are however different ways to achieve mains pressure hot water. You can either go the 'unvented' route (a route you should fully understand before selecting) or the 'Thermal Store' route that is inherently safer.

Thermal stores offer other advantages besides safety.

They can accept several heat sources simultaneously. These heat sources can even be those deemed uncontrollable and therefore unsafe to feed into an unvented cylinder.

The open vented nature of a thermal store allows it to accept heat from devices such as a wood burning stoves or an AGA without fear of explosion from over-temperature and/or pressure.

Thermal stores can even be incorporated into the grand scheme of your household central heating system. With all heat sources feeding into the thermal store it is possible to run your heating circuit directly from the cylinder - supplying preheated water straight to radiators, improving response time dramatically.

Consider, a central heat store into which to feed any and all heat sources and in return you get mains pressure hot water and the chance for your wood burner or AGA to centrally heat your home. Thermal stores can even be heated by solar energy.

Having none of the risks associated with unvented cylinders and all these advantages, thermal stores are rapidly becoming the cylinder or choice. You decide!

Thermal store cylinder

Choose your Thermal Store

Newark Thermal Store

Gledhill Thermal Store

Combination Solar Thermal Store Cylinder

Gledhill Torrent Greenheat thermal store

A range of quality thermal stores built in the UK that include direct, indirect and solar models. As well as the traditional 'cylinder type' This range also offer a combination version (shown) that incorporates a top mounted F&E tank necessary for operation.

Newark thermal stores are supplied with a thermostatic mixing valve (to stabilise output temperature), a check valve and a pressure regulating valve for the mains pressure inlet (to prevent damage to the heat exchanger). The combination header unique to this cylinder removes the need for a remote tank. The cylinder type will require a remote F&E tank.

Gledhill offer their premium Torrent Multifuel thermal store. Gledhill, a major UK manufacturer, have concentrated on presentation by encapsulating the store in a plasticised metal sleeve. This offers a certain aesthetic appeal and some mechanical protection but does not affect or contribute to the function.

The Torrent Multifuel thermal store is supplied with a thermostatic mixing valve (to stabilise output temperature). Any other components, such as check valve, regulating valve and F&E tank must be purchased separately.

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Combination Solar Thermal Store Cylinder showing mushroom shaped F&E compartment on top Heat Pump thermal store cylinder Gledhill Stainless Lite Buffer Store Lightweight and easy to carry, the Stainless Lite unvented hot water cylinder
Thermal store with solar input Thermal store for use in heat pump systems Increase system volume, reduce heat pump cycling Stainless Lite unvented mains pressure hot water cylinders
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