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Guide to Plumbing and Heating Installers

We receive numerous enquiries whether we offer an installation service for the products we sell. Unfortunately, due to the massive geographical area to which we dispatch it is impossible to do so.

As a company we avoid recommending installers. We work on the basis that even your best friend will let you down from time to time. We have no desire to let you down so we refrain from getting involved in installation or passing jobs to friends, instead it is our mission to be your best supplier.

We suggest you select an installer who is known in your area for quality workmanship, somebody who does not overcharge and will always be on hand if you have an emergency or failure.

If you wish to purchase goods from us and have them installed by a fitter you are perfectly at liberty to do so. You should beware of installers who object to you buying your own goods for them to fit. Plumbers and installers often put a mark-up on goods they supply (a hidden profit on the job) and do not take kindly when deprived of this source of revenue.

Always get more than one quote for a job and be prepared to so NO or walk away from anybody who leaves you less than confident. Never let anybody talk you into a state of confusion. Ask questions, and continue to do so until you fully understand what needs doing, why and  what is entailed. Do not enter into an agreement for works unless you fully understand the scope of those works and the cost. If a plumber is unhappy to explain simply walk away.

There aren't too many jobs around the home that are mind-blowingly complicated. Don't let anybody con you into believing otherwise. A walk-in bath for example is easier to install than an ordinary bath in most instances, so run away from anybody who tells you otherwise. If you have any doubts ask somebody for a second opinion. Never forget you are in charge, not a tradesman with tall stories.

Courtesy, respect and an explanation cost nothing, so if you don't receive these basic considerations look elsewhere for a tradesperson.


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