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Danfoss Central Heating Controls

Danfoss boiler programmers and timers, mechanical and digital programmers

Danfoss have become established as a household name as manufacturers of programmers and timers for central heating systems and boilers. Drawing from many years experience in the heating industry, Danfoss products are renown for quality.

The Danfoss range of programmers and timers:




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The Danfoss Mk 18 Range of Electronic Programmable Time Controllers

Danfoss TS715si, CP715si and FP715si central heating programmers

The MK18 range consists of 3 products:

TS715 Si Electronic central heating timeswitch

A single channel unit, with voltage free switching contacts. Ideal for combi-boiler installations and anywhere you require

low voltage switching. (See data sheet below)

CP715 Si Common timebase central heating programmer

A two channel programmer providing heating and

hot water outputs. Each output can operate independently of the other, with common timing for both channels. (See data sheet below)

FP715 Si Full central heating programmer

A two channel programmer providing heating and hot water

outputs. Each output can operate independently of the other, with separate timing for each channel. (See data sheet below)


Danfoss TS715 Si


Danfoss CP715 Si


Danfoss FP715 Si



The New Danfoss Si programmer features a service interval timer

- allowing the installer to select a 'service due date' for the boiler. This can be set at between 28 days and 366 days from the current date and will cause the unit to alarm prior to the service due date as a warning.



This feature is a fantastic means of

  1. reminding a householder of that the 'all-too-easy-to-forget' annual boiler service is due and

  2. an indispensible aid to Landlords who have a legal obligation and therefore a liability to ensure gas appliances are kept fully serviced and functional.


The Danfoss FP975

Danfoss FP975 central heating programmer

Danfoss FP975 - 2 channel central heating programmer with independent timebase
Fits SET and MK9 wallplates
- Ideal for service replacement
- Industry standard wallplate
- Convenient user overrides
- Simple GMT/BST time change
- AM/PM or 24 hour display
- Day programme copy facility
- Built-in programmes
- Battery back up
The FP975 full programmer offers a direct plug-in replacement to the Danfoss Randall MK9 range (types 922 & 972), the Danfoss Randall SET5, or any other timeswitch or programmer based on the British Gas standard wallplate.
The FP975 is supplied complete with SET wallplates but is designed to also mount directly onto existing MK9 wallplates without the need for wiring changes. Each unit, which when supplied is configured as a SET replacement, can be re-configured as a MK9 replacement by means of a switch on the rear of the unit.

Danfoss FP975



Available literature:


User Instructions

Danfoss Electro-Mechanical central heating programmers

Danfoss 3020P, 3060 and 4033 electro mechanical central heating programmers

Danfoss 3020P, 3060 and 4033 central heating programmers.

A range of basic electro-mechanical time controls

for heating and domestic hot water systems, widely

favoured for their simplicity of operation. They

have been particularly popular for Local Authority



All models feature a 24-hour clock with colour

coded On and Off tappets, which are simply moved

to the desired time settings on the dial to provide

up to 2 on and 2 off periods per day.


The control module plugs in to a separate wallplate/

terminal block making installation and servicing as

simple as possible.


Danfoss 3020P


Danfoss 3060


Danfoss 4033



Available literature:    
Data Sheet for Mk3 Range  
4033 Installation & User Instructions  
4033 Wiring Diagram  

Danfoss GP Range of Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Timeswitches

Danfoss electro mechanical and electronic central heating time switches

A range of general-purpose timeswitches and mini-programmers, which provide either a single output circuit (103 timeswitch range) or linked outputs for water and heating (102 mini-programmer range).


Both ranges include easy to use 24-hour electromechanical models, plus two electronic models, which offer 5/2 day or 24 hour and 7-day or 5/2

day operation.


All models fit the GP wallplate and have an identical wiring configuration, allowing systems to be upgraded without the need for rewiring.


The electro-mechanical 102 programmer and 103 timeswitch have a thumbwheel, which allows early selection of future switching operations.

All models show clearly the current state of the output.


The electronic units have extra programmes and overrides, and incorporate a battery to provide back up of time and programme.


Danfoss 102


Danfoss 103


Danfoss 102E7


Danfoss 103E7



Available literature:    
GP range brochure  
103 Installation and User Instruction  
102E7 Installation and User Instruction  

Danfoss SET Range of Electro-Mechanical and Electronic Programmers

Danfoss SET electro mechanical and electronic central heating programmers

The SET range of time controls has been designed with simplicity of programming and use in mind.


The range includes an electronic timeswitch, a mini-programmer and a programmer, as well as an electro-mechanical programmer.


All models offer 24 hour control and are designed to fit the British Gas Standard Wall plate used by earlier SET models and some models from the Horstmann range.


All models have LED status indicators and have easy to use rocker switches for programme selection.


For full details, brochure, Data Sheet, operating and installation instructions


Danfoss SET1E    
Danfoss SET2E    
Danfoss SET3E    
Danfoss SET3M    


Available literature:    
Data Sheet for SET Range  
SET1E Install and User Instructions  
SET2E Install and User Instructions  
SET3E Install and User Instructions  
SET3M Install and User Instructions  
SET1M Wiring Instructions  
SET2E, SET3E and SET3M Wiring Instructions  


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