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Eco Plumbing and Heating Products

Products considered friendly to the environment by reducing wastage of natural resources and/or reducing the cost of operation

Helping you find the latest eco-friendly products to help the environment


In this day and age more and more people are looking for products that help reduce running costs and help protect the environment from issues such as global warming and wastage of natural resources. Having the desire and finding the solution can often be very different things.

To help you with your search the list below contains links to the various 'Eco' products we supply here at Shower Right and on our sister site Gas Appliance Guide. If you seek something you cannot find don't hesitate to call and we'll try to help.


Eco Taps & Showers:

Why are these taps Eco-Friendly?

> Bristan Java Taps (one Eco product)*
These products all help to reduce the amount of water used when in operation. The taps have a special 'click-stop' to reduce flow, and the electric shower utilises a lower flow rate.
> Bristan Jupiter Taps (four Eco products)*
Prism Basin taps.jpg (6517 bytes) > Bristan Prism Taps (one Eco product)*
> Triton T80z Eco Electric Shower*

Eco Sanitaryware:


> Bristan Dune Suite*
Using less water in the cistern and a smaller volume in the bath, the Dune suite is perfect where water saving is an issue.

*Viewing these products will take you through to our Bathrooms sister-site - www.showerright.co.uk 


Eco Heating*:


> Torrent Multifuel SOLAR


Thermal Store utilising renewable energies

A simple yet clever solution providing domestic hot water at mains pressure from a vented cylinder utilising numerous heat sources including Solar Energy, AGAs, wood burners, etc.
Combination Solar Thermal Store Cylinder > Thermal Stores with solar input Using renewable energies The Newark thermal store available as standard cylinder or combination unit. Multiple heat inputs including solar.
> Sunspeed Solar System Utilises renewable energies Open vented gravity water cylinder with boiler coil and Solar coil making the most of renewable energies to provide hot water
Cut out of a solar twin coil cylinder showing the coils inside > Twin coil solar cylinders Using solar energy Using solar to assist with heating your domestic hot water reduces the work load on your boiler, hence reducing the amount of gas or oil consumed and therefore the cost of running.
Thermal Store Cylinder > Heat Pump Cylinders Ground source and air recovery system heat pump cylinders Designed to store energy obtained via heat pump stations. Ground source and air recovery systems are considered the 'greenest' available heat sources.
> Vaillant Solar Systems Utilises renewable energies Vaillant Solar collectors and control equipment
> Ecovector Low Line Heaters Energy efficient technology
Suitable for use in systems with renewable energies heat sources such as ground source or air source heat pumps.
> Ecovector High Level Heaters Energy efficient technology
> Ecovector Vertical Heaters Energy efficient technology


More Eco products coming soon





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