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Gas Appliance Guide


Discount plumbing and heating products

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Gledhill / Newark / Heatrae Sadia / Worcester Bosch / Vaillant / Valor / Dimplex / Baxi / Potterton / Grundfos / Vokera / Cannon / Robinson Willey / Flavel and many more



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Domestic Hot Water -

Gravity, Mains & Solar

Copper Cylinders
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Unvented Cylinders
Torrent Mulitfuel
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Gledhill domestic copper hot water cylinders - Envirofoam Newark Copper and stainless cylinders and thermal stores

Stainless steel water cylinders

Thermal Stores


Mains pressure hot water

Gledhill Pulsacoil

Mains pressure hot water

Gledhill hot water copper cylinders

Newark hot water Cylinders and thermal stores

Stainless Steel hot Water Cylinders

AGA hot water cylinders

 Suitable for unpumped systems

Horizontal hot water cylinders

High Temperature F&E header tanks Gledhill Stainless Lite PLUS Horizontal Unvented hot water cylinder

Horizontal hot water cylinders

Copper & stainless header tanks


Marine Calorifiers

Hot water cylinders for marine vessels

Gledhill Stainless Lite PLUS HORIZONTAL unvented hot water cylinder

Gledhill Stainless Lite PLUS


Unvented cylinder for mains pressure hot water 

StainlessLite Slimline Unvented Cylinder

Mains pressure hot water

Stainless Lite Heat Pump cylinder for unvented hot water Gledhill Stainless Lite HP Cylinder Stainless Open Vented hot water cylinder Buffer Stores for use with heat pumps Gledhill Pulsacoil - Gledhill Pulsacoil Gledhill Boilermate


Heat Pump Stainless Lite

The unvented cylinder for Heat Pump and Solar 

Stainless Lite HP


narrow diameter cylinder for use with a heat pump

Stainless Lite


stainless Steel cylinder

Heat Buffer Stores for use with Heat Pumps Increasing your system volume reduces cycling



Electric OV mains pressure hot water 

Boilermate BP

for sealed or open vented systems

Mains pressure hot water vented thermal store

Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps Megaflo Cylinders Megalife - stainless steel vented cylinders Amptec electric boilers Boiler Spares for all makes and models Underfloor heating

Air Source & Ground Source Heat Pumps

Heatrae Sadia - MEGAFLO (Unvented hot water)

Heatrae Sadia - Megalife Stainless Vented Cylinder

Electric Boilers

for central heating systems

Boiler Spares

Underfloor Heating

Fan and convector heaters

Electromax electric heating and unvented hot water unit Solar Equipment from Worcester Bosch Solar equipment by Vaillant Electric over and under sink heaters

Plinth and Fan Convector Heaters

Heatrae Sadia - ElectroMAX Electric heating and unvented hot water

Solar Equipment by Worcester Bosch

Solar Equipment by Vaillant

Electric Instantaneous Water Heaters

Central Heating controls Ecovectors - high level warm air curtains and heaters   Magnaclean - water treatment for central heating systems Water pumps, central heating pumps and macerators

Central Heating Controls


ECOvectors high efficiency fan units


Water Treatment -

- MagnaClean

- Anti lime scale

Water Pumps and Macerators

Gas and electric fires
Eco Taps - water saving taps


Water saving sanitary ware
Fire safety devices, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors    

Gas Fires

 Electric Fires

Water saving Eco Taps, Showers, etc

Fire Safety




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